Your wedding is one of the most important memories that you will paint in your lifetime. Our wedding designers are not only especially trained to make your wedding celebration a most personal and thrilling experience; they are also passionate about their work (if you can call it that). Contact one of our wedding designers and we will design the wedding of your dreams. Menus: Of all the Denver caterers, Gourmet Fine Catering believes in custom designed events at any budget. Our wish is for you to have a deliciously memorable reception with a scrumptious menu that guests will delight over. Our chef will meet you at your individual tasting to help in specially designing this, your very special day. We feel very strongly about supporting our local and organic food producers and will incorporate them into your menu where it makes sense. We are also very proud of our pastry chef, Walter Michel. You will be thrilled with the choices that Walter presents at your tasting. He always prepares four individual wedding cakes for you and your family and then you simply choose a design for your cake and he will make it gorgeous.